Tax Services

The United States Tax Code was approximately 400 pages in 1913. It is now over 75,000 pages. The sheer volume of rules and regulations with all the accompanying exceptions and exclusions makes it almost impossible for the average citizen to ensure compliance.

The truth is that even CPAs and other tax professionals find it challenging to keep up with these increasingly voluminous and complex laws. This often necessitates that they specialize in a specific area of taxation. Keep in mind that thus far we are only talking about the federal tax code; but we also have to contend with all the various state tax rules and regulations.

At Uneo Business Services LLC, we specialize in working closely with small to mid-size businesses and their shareholders/owners throughout the year to do the following:

  • Keep them informed of the most significant tax rules and regulations affecting them.
  • Ensure their compliance with all applicable tax laws – both corporate and personal.
  • Ensure they are aware of the tax implications, both corporate and personal, associated with key business decisions and assist them with making those decisions.
  • Prepare and file a variety of required tax forms – from monthly/quarterly sales tax returns to annual corporate and individual income tax returns.
  • Provide advice and consultation throughout the year on a variety of tax-related issues.

Contact Us to find out more about we can help your company navigate the complexities of taxes while making wise business decisions.

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